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In our studios you will recieve professional and extensive advice for your Piercing wishes.

You will find a wide selection of jewellery made from surgical stainless steel and titanium.We only use items which are sterilised and disposable.

About us

About us


  • Hygiene is our highest priority!
  • For each of our customers we only use fresh, clean, high quality items which are disposed after each use.

Before your appointment

  • No alcohol
  • no drugs – we don‘t work with customers which are under the influence of alcohol or drugs     
  • Avoid sunburn on the part of the body where the Tattoo will be     
  • Don‘t take blood-thinning medications

After your appointment

  • Your new Tattoo will take up to 3 weeks to heal. During this time avoid direct sun, sauna, solarium and swimming. You should apply cream 2-3x a day to keep it moist. We recomend Tattomed.


  • Persons under 18 years only will be able to obtain a Tattoo or Piercing if they are accompanied with their parents or guardian.


















Religious Motives





What about healing?

A new tattoo takes about three weeks to look as if it was always there, but they heal like any other scratch or scrape, or approximately two weeks.

Is it permanent?

Yes, but all tattoos will age. Sun, improper healing, and poor health, will affect the final results. Your skin is not linoleum, all tattoos age. How well they age depends on the size, and placement. Older tattoos can be redone and recolored. Unwanted tattoos can be covered with a new tattoo (cover up) or removed (laser).

How old must I be to get a tattoo?

You must be 18 years of age and have a picture ID issued by a government or state. We do not tattoo minors with or without parental permission.

How much does it cost?

It is impossible to quote a price without seeing a design. Custom tattooing costs according to the time involved. Larger and complex tattoos can cost thousands of dollars, while smaller and simpler things cost less.  Do not forget we have literally thousands of tattoo designs for you to choose from. We have been in business for over 20 years, and we are habitual collectors.

Can I bring in my own design?

Yes, it can be anything you like, but it will need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo, but we use our years of experience to guide you with the selection of the artwork and style.

Is it safe ?

We use the same equipment (autoclave) that a hospital uses to sterilize our equipment. We also use disposable setups for each tattoo or piercing.
Visit your tattoo artist to insure the instruments are individually wrapped and sterilized.

Will hair still grow through my tattoo?

Yes, the skin will still be the same as before. If you have dark or long body hair it might obscure the tattoo, if the tattoo is too small.

The first and most asked question by far is, “Does it hurt?”

OF course it hurts, but you want me to say it does not !!!
The pain is an outside pain (irritation), not an inside one (tooth ache).
It hurts less than a “Poke in the eye with a sharp stick”

“Anyone who wants a tattoo will be able to stand the pain.”

No, you do not need to be drunk to get a tattoo…
In fact, if you are obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol, any professional artist will refuse to tattoo you…

Only drunks, can stand drunks long enough to put a tattoo on a drunk.”




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  • As each Tattoo is individual, we don‘t have a fix pricelist. The price depends on the design, the size and the time to undertake it

  • To advice you correctly, it´s always better that you come and discuss your options with us at one of our studios. Ideally you will have an outline draft, picture or idea with you. We can adapt and change this to your wishes. We also have a lot of Designs in our Shop from which you can can choose.

  • In order to book an appointment, you will need to provide a 20 € non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the final price.